*Messages from the IB Diploma Students

Rikkyo University
College of Intercultural Communication
Department of Intercultural Communication

Sumire Suzuki

Having an interest in Western style lessons,
I joined the IB

I had learnt song and dance from a young age, and while living in Tokyo for 3 years I appeared in the musical ‘Annie’. After coming back to Sendai, after the Rakuten Eagles baseball team was established, I was a member of ‘The Rakuten Eagles Cheerleading School’. From elementary school until first year of high school I performed at the Rakuten stadium. My dream was to work as a cheerleader in the America NBA or NFL. In the future, I wanted to undertake a student exchange to America, and I felt by entering the Sendai Ikuei Foreign Language Course I would have the opportunity to interact with exchange students and develop natural English ability. In the trial IB lessons when I was a 1st year student, I took science lessons in English taught by foreign teachers, and was intrigued by how the western style lessons encouraged independent interaction from students, and so decided to join the IB class.

Incorporating my love of cheerleading
in to Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

The IB class was much harder than I had anticipated. We had to complete regular assignments, write reports, do preliminary research for our chosen thesis and prepare presentations. It was a constant ‘There’s not enough time!’. For my CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) project, I decided to incorporate my love of cheerleading. I contacted some friends from my Eagles cheerleading days, and we formed a small cheerleading group performing at various events around the prefecture, and even at some elderly care facilities. Performances at elderly care facilities tend to be quite sedate, so the residents were quite surprised by, but appreciated, our energetic performance.

Passing the EIKEN Grade Pre-1, the IB,
and being accepted into my chosen university

The IB class is a gathering of people with unique personalities, who can be quite critical of each other's opinions. However, what that really means is that we respect each other's opinions and talents, and can study with a higher level of consciousness. I feel that I have been able to enjoy a meaningful high school life. In the IB class, there are a number of exchange students, and just having the opportunity to talk to them broadened my perspective and inspired me to look overseas. In my 3rd year, I passed the EIKEN Grade Pre-1. This year, on January 5, I passed the IB Diploma. Rikkyo University's College of Intercultural Communication offers IB entrance, but as I had to apply before the IB results were published, I applied through the designated school recommendation examinations and was accepted.