The bell rings and you just finished your last class for the day.   What do you do now???
Head back to the dorms?  Not much happening there, and face it, you didn't travel all the way to Sendai, Japan to sit in your dorm room.  Well perhaps you can join a club of Japanese tradition, such as Taiko(Japanese drums).  How many opportunities would you have in your life to do that, could be a nice experience!  Then there are the Japanese major sports teams like soccer and baseball, that would be a fun way to spend your afternoons,  but you would soon learn that these are not easy programs to become a part of.  These are fortified programs who recruit and scholarship players from all over Japan,starting at the elementary and middle school ranks.  So the question remains, what to do .....

What about Ikuei girls lacrosse .  It's an up and coming sport not only in Japan, but worldwide.  Although it is quite popular in Kanto,  Kansai, and Saitama ,  lacrosse is a relatively new sport in this area.  Currently the  team travels south to Tokyo for official games, however we practice and have exhibition games with the local universities here in Tohoku, which is also a lot of fun.  With an American coach,  native New Yorker to be exact, and a team full of highly motivated girl students, you can have a truly great experience.   Essentially we practice for 2 hours everyday, and do not practice on the weekends, enough time to practice and refine your lacrosse skills , bond with your teammates while still having time to explore Japan during the weekends.

Parents of our players have described the team as a wonderful opportunity for their children to be immersed in an English environment, "it's like a free English class" (Rika Taguchi).
The students learning to use English practically is no one way street, because as students improve their speaking,listening and comprehension skills, they also teach me Japanese as a part of this inter cultural exchange.

With core training , agility, and lacrosse skills a part of our daily practice menu, the team has much to offer!

Take a step toward your future, play lacrosse, a step in the right direction.



 Make International Friends and Raise your Global Awareness!
The International Language Club (ILC) is an exciting group of high school students that enjoy speaking foreign languages and learning about the diverse cultures of the world. Focusing on intercultural experiences, ILC organizes weekly events that involve foreign language learning activities, holiday parties, cooking, and outdoor games. Some recent events have included group presentations on foreign countries and cultures, participating in an online global forum, pumpkin carving at the school festival, and Halloween and Christmas parties. ILC has had members from Canada, Taiwan, USA, China, Croatia, and Germany. We’re always looking for new members to bring new ideas and energy to our club. Come join in the global fun!   

By Rika Sasaki (ILC President) and James Dochtermann (Sendai Ikuei Oral Communications Teacher)