This past year and a half, Sendai Ikuei Gakuen has become increasingly connected to New York. We have four Native English teachers from New York on staff, our 1st year High School students in the Shukoh course visited New York for two weeks for their school trip in July 2012, and we have welcomed numerous professional artists and musicians on our Campus from the Big Apple.

School Trip! Sendai Ikuei Students in New York

Visitors from New York!
Four ex-patriot Japanese/American artists based in NY came to visit our school and performed for our students!

Visitors from New York-1 Dec 5th 2011:Mari Koda
Visitors from New York-2 April 23rd 2012:AK
Visitors from New York-3 September 18th, 2012:Ki-yo
Visitors from New York-4 October 5th, 2012:PESU