The Japanese Experience Challenge (JEC) is a program for students who wish to take a few months or up to a year from their high school career to experience life in Japan.  JEC students at Sendai Ikuei get the double advantage of the JEC homeroom where they study JSL and Japanese History with other International students, and the Integration homeroom where they join a normal Japanese class and get to experience what it is like to be a typical student in a Japanese High School. JEC students are supported throughout their stay by the Ikuei International Center's English-speaking staff.  International students may join Sendai Ikuei’s JEC program through one of Sendai Ikuei’s schools.  The sister school agreement allows for students wishing to come to Japan, to exchange with a Japanese students at Sendai Ikuei. Sendai Ikuei has more than 60 sister schools in 12 countries from around the world.

Student Quotes
*All the out of school or trip activities were amazing and really helped me get to know the area and surrounding culture better.

*Since my arrival in Japan I have done many things, seen many things and tried many things. My adventure in Japan was equally fun and educational. In all it was an amazing experience.

*This school has been great. I would strongly recommend this school to an exchange student that is new to Japanese as a language because there are classes offered here that some schools may not have. I would strongly recommend joining a club activity after school because that way you get to meet new people and friends as well as learning a new skill.
Host Family Experience
*I had a great time with my host family. I learned about the culture and language. The host family reminded me of me back home so it was nice.

*It's great to have a host family because you get to practice your Japanese skills that you have learnt from your JSL lessons that day. Switching host families was nice because I see how different families act and also see a different part of Sendai.
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