To our prospective students, Since Sendai Ikuei Gakuen first started its exchange program in 1963, Sendai Ikuei has been committed to providing a globalized education to students from around the world. Now almost 50 years and 60 sister schools later, Sendai Ikuei is excited and honored to invite you as potential new members of our school. While the goals of our exchange students may vary, it is our hope that by studying at our school the foundations for academic achievement can be established.

At Sendai Ikuei, you can take part in intensive Japanese language classes as well as integrate with regular students. Upon arrival at Sendai Ikuei, our comprehensive Japanese as a Second language program will give you the language skills necessary to succeed in Japan. Additionally, for students wishing to excel and expedite their integration, I hope that you take the time to study and review the Japanese Language prior to your arrival in Japan. Integration will be an integral part of your stay where you will not only learn and enrich yourselves academically, but also exchange cultural knowledge and ideas with the local student population. Sendai Ikuei aims to provide an excellent chance for both you and our Japanese students to learn from each otherユs ways of life during your stay.

Of the many schools in Japan, Sendai Ikuei Gakuen is proud that you are considering staying with us during your academic life overseas. Thank you again for your time; and whatever your future plans may be we hope that you will give consideration to learning with us.

Takehiko Katoh
Sendai Ikuei Gakuen High School
Shukoh Middle School
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