On February 28th, 2010, three Thai female students, Supanee Sothommongkon, Chanyanut Srisuthikul and Jenjira Sookkaew, graduated from Sendai Ikuei Gakuen High School. Awarded scholarships from Thai NGO Foundations, they were able to study at Ikuei for 3 years, becoming fluent in Japanese and excelling in their studies.

Upon arrival in Japan, all three girls could barely speak Japanese. However, within months, they were actively participating in classes, and standing out as model students. "We sang at the Chorus Competition. Since we practiced very hard with our classmates, our class won first place!."- Chanyanut says. Such experiences will never be forgotten.

The girls were also very active in extracurricular activities. Supanee and Jenjira joined the Soccer Team and helped it rise from 15th place to 5th in the prefecture. All three girls also participated in the Calligraphy and Tea Ceremony clubs. "Although we had to practice very hard, we could make good friends. We can talk anything with our teammates and they encourage us to do our best."

When asked about their experiences at Ikuei, the girls remarked, "We had the opportunity to become friends with so many great Japanese people, and also as there are many foreign students at Sendai Ikuei, we could make friends with students from all over the world! We have lots of wonderful memories." The girls are now on the University track, using their experiences and knowledge gained at Sendai Ikuei, to forward their dreams.
*Message from Students
I was very impressed
to see the snow when skiing
for the first time.

I was glad because my classmates accepted me not as a foreigner but as an ordinary classmate. The most impressive experience in my school life was the skiing. It was my first time skiing and I fell down many times. But I boasted to my friends in Thailand about this wonderful experience. As for Japanese food, the only food I can't eat is natto, fermented soy beans, a popular breakfast food in Japan. I can't stand its terrible smell. But zunda-mochi, which is rice cakes with sweet green soybeans, is very delicious. In the future, after graduating from the university, I would like to become a Japanese teacher or translator.

Now I like drink green tea
although I did not
drink it before

I had an interest in Tea Ceremony because it is a very traditional Japanese culture which doesn't exist in Thailand. In the beginning, having to sit Japanese style on the floor, my knees and ankles hurt a lot. But soon I got used to it and the pain doesn't affect me any more. Today, I can sit Japanese style on the floor, with my back straight and proud, enjoying the tranquility of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. I also had an interest in classic Japanese literature and tried to read the first Japanese novel ever written, The Tale of Genji. My Japanese has improved a lot but that book is still quite a challenge. I hope to be able to finish it one day by continuing my Japanese studies in Thailand.

My favorite memory
at Sendai Ikuei was
the Sports Festival

When I was in the 2nd grade, my team won the first prize at the Spring Festival. We put our best effort forward and it showed. I enjoyed playing with my classmates and being part of the team. Additionally, thanks to the Ikuei Geography teacher, I gained a new fondness for the subject. Before coming to Sendai Ikuei I was not too interested in Geography, but my class at Ikuei was very interesting and my teacher made us feel as if we were actually traveling abroad.