*Messages from the IB Diploma Students


Ochanomizu Women's University
Faculty of Arts and Education
Department of Science and Humanities

Eko Sasamori

“Being the first cohort of Sendai Ikuei Gakuen's IB program, I have a real sense that the teachers and students worked together and overcame all manner of events.”




Sophia University
Faculty of Law
Department of International Legal Studies

Hosei University

Faculty of Literature
Department of English Literature

Jia Qi Liu

“The IB program is a perfect fit for those students who need to be constantly absorbed in something.
Being busy leads to fulfillment.




Rikkyo University
Faculty of Intercultural Communication Department of Intercultural Communication
Sumire Suzuki

“Though there were conflicts of opinions; we were able to respect each other's talents, learn with deeper understanding and enjoy a meaningful high school life.”