Titles of essays written by 2G1 students about their I-lion Hawaii experience:



Noted Differences Between Hawaii and Japan.
「Daily Manners・Bathroom・Tip Giving Culture・Traffic」

  Macadamia Nuts Chocolate is Delicious.

Hawaii: the Most Racially Diverse Population in America
- The Path and Life of 2nd Generation Japanese.

  Hula Dancing is Really Interesting・ Hula Research Survey:
「History of Hula Dancing・Hula Flourishing in Japan」

Attack on Pearl Harbor Things we have learned from the tragedy

  Moving beyond Pearl Harbor: 
Japan and America's Relationship
  Pearl Harbor

Hawaii's Pidgin English: a Peculiar Manifestation.

  Hawaiin Spirit: 「Japan's influence is Felt in Hawaii 」

Hawaiian Food: The History of

  Why Hula dancing was Forbidden and then Again Accepted.
How the Tradition of Hula Dance Lives on Today.

The Evolution of Hawaiian Food, Past and Present.


Iolani Palace


King Kamehameha the First


The Melding of Hawaii's Cultures and Myths.


2nd Generation Japanese and Pearl Harbor

  King Kalakaua's Personality and Influence on Modern Japanese Society

Hawaiian music